How To Make Adobe Software Display Larger On High Resolution Monitors

How To Make Adobe Software Display Larger On High Resolution Monitors

If you find that your Adobe software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, or anything Adobe displays extremely small on your high resolution (High DPI) laptop monitor this video provides a solution. This process will make your Adobe programs display larger at proper proportions allowing the adobe software to be functional.

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The technique I demonstrate is from a web article by Dan Antonielli. His article, as well as related files, can be found at this link.

It turns out this is a common problem with laptops with super high definition monitors. After normal installation when an application such as Adobe Photoshop is opened, the visual display of the program is too small to work with. In my case I installed Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premier (Adobe CS6) on A Toshiba W50 Tecra model laptop with a 4K high resolution monitor. After installing the CS6 suite on this Windows 8.1 machine I went to open Adobe Premiere and found the display interface was tiny and unusable. I found Dan’s article and followed his instructions. The process completely restored my Adobe application displays back to their appropriate proportions.

(Note If you update to Windows 10 you will have to repeat the 1st part in Windows Registry)

This process will enlarge the display of Adobe Photoshop
-increase the display of Adobe Premiere
-enlarge the monitor size of Adobe Illustrator
-make Adobe After Effects bigger

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